Research and Development

With our research and development initiative and through the support of our experts, we work closely with our clients to innovate new products and markets focusing towards the future through evidence based validations process. With our research, we support organisations to build, launch and provide them the right product fit for their market and accelerate them ahead. FJS also has an extensive network across Maldives that enables us to undertake nation-wide polls and surveys effectively. Some areas of research-based services we provide include:

Market research
Product marketing and branding strategy

Digital and Social Media Marketing
Pricing and Revenue Management

Service Insights

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The World Bank Group engages FJS to provide logistical support to conduct its Country Opinion Survey in the Maldives.

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Nielsen LLC engages FJS to implement a Survey.

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UNRCO signs contract with FJS to develop an eLearning Platform for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the Maldives

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The Ministry of Finance engages FJS to develop a principle-based harmonized procurement policy for State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs).

FJS becomes local partner for USAID funded PFM project in Maldives

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Public and Social Sectors; Banking and Finance; Climate Change, Environment & Sustainable Development

Nielsen UAE engages FJS to conduct nationwide survey

FJS develops the National SME Strategy and Action Plan for the Maldives

Evaluation of the implementation of the Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) program in the Maldives.

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FJS conducts the first ever study on domestic tourism in the Maldives.

Institutional consultancy to establish a training policy for the Civil Service Commission (CSC) of the Maldives

Market review of passenger vehicles and light commercial vehicles in the Maldives.

FJS conducts training and mentoring for business development skills for home-based workers

Evaluation of the efficiency and effectiveness of trade services provided by the Ministry of Economic Development.

FJS conducts a review of the Youth Leadership Programme

Mid-term Review of United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF)

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FJS undertakes a comprehensive review of Maldives tourism related legal framework

National Socio-economic and Political Opinion Survey

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FJS concludes the formulation of a human resource data collection framework for the tourism sector.

FJS concludes the impact assessment of the SME Loan Scheme

Comprehensive Study of The Maldivian Civil Society

FJS undertakes nationwide survey on corruption.

FJS develops interactive online training program on entrepreneurship and business skills

UNDP Maldives engaged FJS to conduct an economic policy analysis and discussion forum.

Baseline Study on Corporate Social Responsibility Practices in Maldives.