New perspectives can often provide useful insights when it comes to improving business performance. We provide in-depth advice on improving the efficiency of your business operations by providing cost reduction, value chain management and productivity improvement strategies and performance management mechanisms through proper management structure for business continuity. Key service areas we focus on include:

Capital productivity
Operational planning
Productivity and efficiency

Service operations
Supply chain management
Governance and oversight

Service Insights

aerial photo of blue and white city

The World Bank Group engages FJS to provide logistical support to conduct its Country Opinion Survey in the Maldives.

bottom view of glass building

FJS concludes organizational structure review of Maldives Sports Corporation Limited (MSCL).

three person pointing the silver laptop computer

UNRCO signs contract with FJS to develop an eLearning Platform for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the Maldives

aerial view of city buildings during daytime

The Ministry of Finance engages FJS to develop a principle-based harmonized procurement policy for State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs).

FJS becomes local partner for USAID funded PFM project in Maldives

FJS to assist formation of first SME Bank in Maldives

person using MacBook Pro

FJS engaged to undertake a Management Audit of a 300+ bed 4.5-star resort in Maldives

white planner with pen on top

FJS assist MACL to enhance its procurement policy and procedures

FJS concludes policy review of STO Plc

Evaluation of the efficiency and effectiveness of trade services provided by the Ministry of Economic Development.

FJS conducts a review of the Youth Leadership Programme

bokeh photography of person carrying soil

FJS develops concept note for the establishment of an agriculture information dissemination center